Your guide to the hottest swimwear styles for men on the planet.

G-String Man

Bikinis, Thongs ,G-Strings and More.

Let us take you to another level in extreme swimwear designs. Micro bikinis, thongs G-strings, short shorts, pouch only swimwear styles and other wild and exciting spandex creations. Let your inner G-String Man shine!

Rock your inner G-String Man and find the hottest swimwear style for your body. Whether your choose the smallest micro G-string, an incredibly sexy thong or even a stylish bikini you will be showing off your body in an new and very exciting way. Skin tight form fitting spandex swimsuits show a lot of skin and many show a wonderful amount of bulge detail. A G-String Man welcomes the attention and needless to say wearing micro swimsuits in not for the shy but for the man who craves and deserves to be the center of attention. Micro swimwear is becoming one of the most exciting trends in men's swimwear. You work hard to make your body look great so why would you ever think about hiding that hot body under a huge pair of surf shorts?